Invitation to Participate in 3rd ASEAN - China Home & Living Expo

Date: 16 February 2016


1. All MFC Members

2. 13 states asspcoations. PEKA secretariat

Dear MFC members,

MFC is pleased to inform that the 3rd ASEAN - China (Chongqing) Home and Living Expo is scheduled to take place from 20th to 23rd May 2016 at the Kaien International Furniture Mall, Chongqing,China. Invitation to exhibit is open to all MFC members.

MFC has been offered complimemtary space of 200m2 and one way shipment of goods to exhibition site of up to 40m3 (samples to be prepard for 20th March 2016 shipment) and is extending this to our valued members. Other than that, MFC has also offered 3 return tickets (economy class travel only) and 3 rooms at a designed hotel for 5 nights. The rooms and air tickets will be shared equally by confirmed exhibitiors. Exhibitors will also be receiving assistance with customs clearance and declaration. Any additional cost incurred such as import taxes, additional hotel rooms, nights extension or air tickets are to be borne individually.

Enclosed please find application form from AFIC. We look forward to receiving your application by 26th February 2016. Any enquires can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.


Click HERE download  CQ ASEAN Expo  (.pdf format)

Click HERE download  the Application Form AFIC 3rd ASEAN CQ Expo May 2016  (.pdf format)




二、 13州属会、土著木业及家具企业家公会秘书处,

马来西亚家具总会很荣幸的通知您第三届东盟 –中国(重庆)家具博览会将于2016年5月20日至23日在中国重庆铠恩国际家居名都举行。家具博览会将开放给全体马来西亚家具总会成员参展。

主 办当局将免费提供200m2的展位和一趟总达40m3货品运输至展览会场(样品需在2016年3月20日准备好以便运输)。除此之外,主办当局还免费提供 马来西亚家具总会3张来回机票(仅限于经济舱)和3间5晚住宿于指定酒店。确定参展商将共享免费提供的酒店和飞机票。参展商将会给予援助如通关和申报。如 有任何额外花费例如:进口税,增加酒店房间,延长住宿或机票将自行承担。

随函请附上东盟家具工业理事会报名表格。我们期待在2016年2月26日前收到您的申请。如有任何疑问可电邮至This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC)

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