MTC Guidebook-Incentives for the Wood-based Sector 2016

Date : 14 March 2016


1. All MFC members

2. 13 states associations, PEKA secretariat

Dear Esteemed Members,

Please find the attached herewith the latest version of the MTC Guidebook-Incentives for the Wood-based Sector for your kind attention. The Changes recorded in this version sre summarized in the table below:


 Type of Incentives

 Page  Agencies  New updates
 1. Incentive for small and Medium-Scale Companies  8  MIDA  Criteria
 2. Incentives for the Machinery and Equipment Industry  10  MIDA  Criteria
 3. Soft Loan Scheme for SME  15  MIDF  Factoring is included in working capital 
 4. Flexi Guarantee Scheme (FGS)  17  CGC  Rehabilitation Fund for Small Business (RFSB) is no longer available
 5. Soft Loan Programme for Forest Plantation Development Project  34  FPD/MTIB

 i. New maximum loan rate

ii. Criteria for funding ( Technical reporty requirement)

iii. For small and Medium Scale, funding is applicable to Bumipuera only.

 6. Soft Loan Programme for Automation and Modernisation (SLSAM)  48  MIDF  Factoring is included in repayment
 7.  Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)  66


(Malaysia Green Techmology Corporation)

 i. The GTFS availability peroiod is extended until 31 December 2017

ii. Application Process

iii. Project Outome

 8.  Market Development Grant (MDG)  88  MATRADE  Eligibility criteria
MFC Secretariat
Click  HERE  to download the MTC Guidebook - Incentives for the Wood-based Sector 2016 (.pdf format)