Date: 25/5/2016


1. All MFC members

2. 12 states association, PEKA secretariat

Dear Esteemed Members,

Warmest greetings and well wishes from Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) and EFE Expo Sdn Bhd. Hope this email finds you well.

Good news updates, with President of MFC Mr.Chua Chun Chai led a delegation to meeting with Matrade CEO Data's Zulkifri on 17 May 2016 at Matrade head office, the meeting had conclude wuth Dato's zulkifri has given full support for MFC - EFE 2018 to be held in MITEC.

On this note, we urge the furniture players to fully support of the new venue which will be the largest and most prestigious exhibition centre in Malaysia by 2018.

Hence, we seek for your assistance to give us your value respond of MITEC are important to us. 

Please do finish below said 3 form for us as your feedback.

The information given will bw P&C and is for EFE data consolidation use.

1. MITEC - Feedback Form

2. EFE 2018 - Prebooking Form

3. EFE 2018 - Top Country Form

Please print out the attachment file and fill it up email back to us at email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax : 03 6270 9331

If you need any further assistance please do call EFE sale team at 03 6270 9332 / 012-787 6332 (Evelyn).

Thank you.

Click  HERE  to download EFE2018@MITEC (.pdf format)




二、 13州属会、土著木业及家具企业家公会秘书处

2016517日,马来西亚家具总会会长蔡春才率领代表团,在贸 工部第二部长拿督斯里黄家泉的安排下,与 Matrade 首席执行员 Dato' Zulkifri Mahmud 正式 会面。   

会议上获悉一项振奋人心的好消息!Dato' Zulkifri 承诺并全力支持 EFE 2018 在马来西亚国际贸易及 会展中心(MITEC)举行。  

为此,我们在此呼吁家具业者们继续拥护及支持 EFE 2018年移师至马来西亚最大型及更高知名度的新展览中心。


请把3份完整的意见表转给 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. MITEC - Feedback Form

2. EFE 2018 - Prebooking Form

3. EFE 2018 - Top Country Form

任何疑问,请联系EFE销售人员 03 6270 9332 / 012-787 6332 (Evelyn).



点击 这里下载 EFE 2018 @马来西亚国际贸易及会展中心(MITEC)(pdf格式)



MFC Secretariat