Business Opportunity to Expand into China Market

Dated14 July 2016


1. All MFC members

2. 13 states associations, PEKA secretariat 


Dear Esteemed Members,


Business Opportunity To Expand into China Market

We are pleased to announce that Council of Asia Furniture Association (CAFA) Secretary General Ms Linda and HOBA representatives will visit Malaysia and is keen to meet furniture players whom are interested to expand into the Chinese market. 


The visit will include a briefing on opportunities for Malaysian furniture players to penetrate the China market and to meet HOBA representatives whom are here to purchase furniture to be displayed at the HOBA Furniture Mall for the 2nd Asian International Furniture Exhibition in Nanning, Guangxi taking place from 11/09/2016 to 11/12/2016. As such, interested companies are encouraged to attend this meeting with their product brochures.


For HOBA details, please refer to link:


This meeting will also share the prospects of a permanent furniture showroom for Asian manufactured furniture whereby HOBA will be responsible for the importation and display of furniture. Further details of this will be shared during the 20/07/2016 meeting. 


Details of the visit are as follow:

Date: 20th July 2016

Time: 9.30am

Venue: 20th Floor, MTC Board Meeting room, Menara PGRM 1, 8 Jalan Pudu Ulu, 56100 Cheras


All MFC members are welcome. Interested participants are requested to complete and return the below reply slip to MFC Secretariat by 18 July 2016 (Monday), 3pm


If you have any enquiry, please contact MFC Secretariat Daniel, Tel: 03-92822333


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亚洲家具协会(CAFA)秘书长屠祺(Ms Linda)将偕同3位好百年代表拜访有兴趣进军中国市场的马来西亚家具业者。

这次的拜访除了与大家分享如何打进中国市场外,3位好百年代表是来采购家具以便摆设在位于广西南宁好百年家居商场及展示于第二届亚洲国际家具展览(2nd Asian International Furniture Exhibition)。这次展览将从2016911日至1211日,为期3个月。所以,有兴趣的业者,请贵公司派出代表并携带产品说明书或传单等出席总会为会员安排的配对会议。








地点:MTC 20楼会议室,吉隆坡蕉赖民政大厦。


有兴趣会员者,请在718日(星期一),下午3时前,将这表格电邮(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)或传真(03-9286 2296)至马来西亚家具总会秘书处。


任何疑问,可联络总会秘书处Daniel,电话:03-9282 2333