Criteria for Resubmitting Foreign Labour Application

Date: 31 October 2016

1. All MFC Members
2. 13 States Associations, PEKA Secretariat

Dear Esteemed Members,

Criteria for Resubmitting Foreign Labour Application

Recently MFC received a number of complains that KDN has rejected applications. After a few meetings with Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN), Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC), we have compiled some key reason why some companies are rejected by KDN.

KDN will compile a list of rejected companies for MFC, and if your company is listed, you may resubmit through MFC to KDN. We advise you to pay close attention to some of the important criteria listed below should you be interested in resubmitting your company's application.

Some important criteria:

  1. Minimum Paid-up Capital of RM100,000; and
  2. Annual Revenue of RM2 million.
  3. In order to identify indirect-export oriented companies, sub con companies will need to bring along documented proof (letter of acknowledge which have K 2 Form) during the interview session. (Refer to attachment)
  4. Companies need to register current jobs openings in JobsMalaysia via online or nearby JTK offices as soon as possible. Companies can only submit their application two weeks after registering on JobsMalaysia.
  5. Companies must fulfil the Labour Law such as minimum wage, OT cannot exceed the hours stipulated by law, etc, if not it will not be accepted.
  6. Applications from companies must have valid manufacturing license, PBT license OR Bakri industrial zone relocation consent letter, if not it will not be accepted.

For further clarification, please contact MFC Secretariat (+603 9282 2333).






1) 公司最低缴足资本为10万令吉;
2) 公司的年度营业额为2百万令吉。
3) 为了鉴定非直接出口公司,承包商公司必须在面试期间,携带证明文件,由有K2 form出口商发出的确认信(请参考附件)。
4) 公司须通过上网或到劳工局分行,在JobsMalaysia注册当前工作空缺. (现在就可以注册,因为至少要2个星期注册后才能提交申请外劳)
5) 公司必须符合劳工法令的条例如支付最低薪金、超时不超多等。
6) 公司必须要有正式生产执照、地方政府执照或Bakri工业区搬迁同意信。

任何疑问,可联络总会秘书处(+603 9282 2333)。