Register to Join the Program Reintegrasi Penghuni-Industri (PRP-I) by JPM

Dear Esteemed Members,

Program Reintegrasi Penghuni-Industri (PRP-I) is an initiative of Jabatan Penjara Malaysia (JPM) to provide vocational training and work opportunities for the purpose of rehabilitation and reintegration of inmate who are being categorized into Orang Diselia (ODS) and Orang Diparol (ODP) with collaboration with employers from private sector.


  1. To plan and develop a vocational training mechanism for ODS/ODP;
  2. Work together with JPM to educate and train ODS/ODP in order to improve their employability skills; and
  3. To produce skilled labour in the work field offered by employers to the ODS/ODP.

Employers who are interested to participate in this program shall take note on the following matters:

a) Selection of ODP will be done by company and JPM with the approval of Parole Board of Malaysia under the purview of Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN).

b) All employers who are interested to participate in this programme must be registered companies under the Companies Act 1965.

c) ODS/ODP are entitled to be paid an allowance of RM700 (3 months) during probation period and minimum RM1050 after confirmation as permanent staff.

d) Employers are required to provide allowance/incentive for JPM staffs (for ODS only) according to the current rate imposed by the government.

e) Employers are required to provide work clothes and accommodation to ODS/ODP according to the JPM security control standard.

f) Employers should not exploit the welfare rights of ODS/ODP and they shall be given the equal facilities and treatment such as meeting families during off duty period on weekends, access to medical services and other basic needs as stated in the Prison Act that is currently in force.

g) During the three (3) probation period for ODS/ODP to undergo training, they are allowed to work five (5) or six (6) days a week, from 8am to 5pm. Upon the completion of probation period, employers can recruit ODS/ODP as permanent staff if their performance meets required eligibility.

h) Employers should ensure the ODS/ODP are protected under the insurance scheme and they have a "duty of care" responsibility to avoid any injuries happen during the training. Also, employers need to ensure each ODS/ODP have registered their KWSP account.

i) During the training period, ODS/ODP will be monitoring and supervising by the JPM officers when they are on duty or travelling to company for training. Thus, employers should agree to

  1. allow personnel who involved in the monitoring and supervising of ODS/ODP to have access to the premises;
  2. prepare a safe working environment and hostel that are gated and guarded;
  3. ensure the premises equipped with safety facilities including CCTV;
  4. equipped with Electronic Monitoring Device (EMD) (if necessary).

Employers shall bear the cost of implementation (except No. 4) whereas JPM will be responsible on the installation of EMD.

j) Employers should ensure the distance between workplace and hostel of ODS/ODP does not exceed 40 km as required by JPM.

k) A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed between employers and JPM in order to recognize the benefits of both parties throughout the implementation of this programme.

Companies that are interested to join this programmes, kindly reply email and provide below information for registration purpose before 16th October 2018 (Tuesday):-

Name of Company:

Company Address:

Name of Person in Charge:

Contact Number:

*Note: MFC will keep following up with the participating companies during the programme, and a group chat will be created later on for discussion and exchange of opinions among each other as well as to respond to JPM immediately about the problem faced and to brainstorm for solutions together.

Registered participants will be invited to attend a briefing session with JPM officers to further explain on the details of this programme.

Enclosed please find the guideline for your reference. Any enquiries, please contact MFC secretariat Mr. Daniel Ho at 03-9282 2333 or 016-216 3103, or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thanks and regards,

MFC Secretariat


更生人士重新融入社会计划(PRP-I) 由马来西亚监狱局(JPM)提倡推行,同时与私人界雇主进行合作,旨在为更生人士提供技职培训和工作机会,以协助他们在获释后重新融入、贡献社会。他们被分为两个类别:参与感化计划的更生人士(ODS)以及获假释的更生人士(ODP)。


  1. 规划及设立一个适合ODS/ODP的技职培训机制;
  2. 与JPM共同合作,对ODS/ODP进行教育和培训,以提升他们的就业技能;以及
  3. 在雇主为ODS/ODP提供的工作领域内培养熟练劳工。


a) ODP的甄选 将由公司和JPM进行,同时必须通过由内政部管辖的大马假释委员会批准。

b) 所有有兴趣参与这项计划的雇主公司都必须是在1965年公司法令下注册的合法公司。

c) ODS/ODP在3个月试用期内的津贴为RM700, 而在确认为正式员工后则可获得最少RM1050的津贴。

d) 雇主必须根据政府的规定,为JPM官员(只限于ODS)提供津贴/奖掖。

e) 雇主必须根据JPM的安全控制标准,为ODS/ODP提供工作服和住宿。

f) 雇主不可剥削 ODS/ODP的福利权, 且应给予他们同等的设施和待遇,如在周末下班时段和家人见面,获得医疗服务,以及其他在目前生效的监狱法里规定的基本需求。

g) 在ODS/ODP接受培训的3个月试用期内,他们的 工作时间是一个星期5或6天,从早上8时至下午5时。试用期结束后,雇主可聘用工作表现符合资格的ODS/ODP为正式员工。

h) 雇主应确保ODS/ODP在insurance scheme and they have a 保险计划下受保障,且须承担责任(duty of care) responsibility to avoid any injuries happen during the training. Also, employers need to ensure each ODS/ODP have registered their 注册公积金账户

i培训期间无论是在当值或前往公司进行培训, ODS/ODP都将会接受JPM官员的监督。 在这情况下,雇主须同意

  1. 允许参与监督ODS/ODP的人员进入有关场所;
  2. 准备一个安全的工作环境和拥有围篱及保卫设施的宿舍;
  3. 确保场所配备保全设施包括闭路电视;
  4. 配备电子监控设施(EMD)(如有需要)。


j) 根据JPM的规定,雇主必须确保 ODS/ODP的工作场所与宿舍之间的距离不超过40 KM。

k) 雇主和JPM将签署一份谅解备忘录(MoU) 以保障双方在进行这项计划期间的利益。

有意参与该计划的雇主,敬请回函并提供以下资料作为登记用途,截止日期是 2018年10月16日(星期二):-







随函附上计划指南供您参考。若有任何疑问,请联系总会秘书处Mr. Daniel Ho(03-9282 2333/016-216 3103),或电邮至 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..