Update: Export of Furniture No Longer Requires MTIB Export License

Dear MFC Member,

We have the pleasure to inform you that the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) has confirmed that as of 15 March 2019 export of furniture will no longer require the MTIB issued Export License.

This is pursuant to the removal of furniture (HS Code 9401 and HS Code 9403) from schedule 2 of the Customs (Prohibition of Exports) Order 2017, following extensive lobbying efforts by Malaysian Furniture Council to eliminate excessive and bureaucratic regulations on businesses.

We would like to thank the MFC Committee and members for supporting our cause and believing in us. We also like to record out thanks to the relevant ministers, ministries, regulatory bodies and agencies for looking into simplifying the regulation process for both government and industry.

However, exporters are advised that registration with MTIB and MTIB issued Export License is required for exports to EU and for MYTLAS. Please refer to MTIB Bahagian Pelesenan & Inspektorat (Tel: 03-9282 2235) for further information.

Thank you.
Best regards,
MFC Secretariat



我们很高兴地通知您, 马来西亚木材工业局(MTIB)已证实自2019年3月15日起,家具出口不再需要MTIB颁发的出口准证。



不过,出口至欧洲和申请木材合法性验证系统(MYTLAS)的出口商仍然需要向MTIB登记及获取出口准证。更多详情,请联系MTIB准证及督查部门(电话:03-9282 2235)。谢谢。

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