Malaysian Timber Council Raw Material Import Assistance Programme 2016

Date: 04 January 2016

Dear Esteemed Members,

Malaysian Timber Council Raw Material Import Assistance Programme 2016

We are pleased to inform that Malaysian Timber Council will be continuing its 'Import Assistance Programme (IAP) in 2016. The IAP is divided into three categories, namely Direct Sourcing Programme (DSP), Industrial Testing Programme (ITP), and Mission Participation Incentive (MPI).

The calender year for 2016 IAP will be from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2016.

Please find enclosed :-

1) Guidelines for MTC IAP 2016

2) IAP 2016 Application form

3) IAP 2016 Checklist

4) Declaration Letter for MTC IAP 2016

Please submit completed Application Form (original), Declaration Letter (original), Form 24 and 49 (certified true copy) to MFC Secretariat, Ms. Esther. 

Please contact Ms. Esther if you need any further clarification. Tel: 603-9282 2333.










马来西亚木材理事会将在新的一年,延续其原材料进口援助计划(Import Assistance ProgrammeIAP)。


IAP计划分成三大组别,分别是直接采购计划(Direct Sourcing Programme, DSP)工业测试计划(Industrial Testing Programme , ITP,以及任务参与津贴(Mission Participation Incentive, MPI














请将所附上完整的申请表格(正版),联同宣言信(有信头的正版)、Form 24 49(有认证的正版),呈交予马来西亚家具总会秘书处Ms. Esther

任何疑问,可致电向Ms. Esther查询,联络:603-9282 2333


Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC)