5 Benefits – Why You Should Join MFC

5 Reasons - Why You Should Join MFC

  • MFC is the sole national industry representative recognised by the government
    • The MFC comprises of industry players dedicated to serving the industry's interest
    • Monitor policies affecting furniture industry 
    • Assist industry to adapt to policy changes
  • Preference at all MFC activities and projects
    • Activities organised by organisations affiliated with MFC i.e. market survey and trade mission
    • Networking and business matching sessions
    • Seminars 
  • Financial assistance and exclusive services to members
    • Group participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions. e.g. Furniture China, Birmingham January Furniture Show 
    • Assist members to apply for Bangladeshi foreign worker through fast-track approval
    • Special rate to participate in Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE)
    • Eligible to apply for MTC Import Assistance Programme
    • Issuance of certificate to apply for export license
  • Receive first hand information about furniture industry
    • Regular and up-to-date industry news through emails 
    • Instant communication thru Wechat business account (follow us at MFC-MY) and group chat
    • Free distribution of MFC bulletin - Malaysian Furniture News
  • Wood-based industry vocational courses to train local skilled labour for members. 
    • MFC-VTAR Institute furniture certification program



  • 马来西亚家具总会是受到政府承认唯一全国性家具行业组织代表
    • 总会由家具业者组成,维护自身行业利益最大化
    • 监督影响行业的政策
    • 协助行业适应政策的改变
  • 优先参与总会的活动和计划
    • 总会相关组织举办的活动。例:市场考察及贸易任务
    • 网络与商业对接环节
    • 讲座
  • 为会员提供财务援助与专属服务
    • 集体参与国际贸易展。例:中国国际家具展览会、英国伯明翰国际家具展
    • 协助会员以快速管道申请孟加拉外劳
    • 特别价格参与出口家具展
    • 符合资格申请马来西亚木材理事会出口援助计划
    • 发出证书支持业者申请出口制造
  • 第一时间掌握家具业讯息
    • 通过电邮获悉最新行业资讯
    • 通过微信官方户口(加入MFC-MY关注我们)及群组即时与总会沟通
    • 免费派发总会会讯——马来西亚家具资讯
  • 木基工业技职课程为会员训练本地熟练劳工
    • 总会——拉曼技职学院家具证书计划


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